Collectivism vs Individualism

Discussion in 'Politics' started by blackchip, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. Do yourself a favor and watch these.
  2. I watched it expecting a conspiracy theory, something entertaining or maybe even interesting

    it's silly childish shit, the same things they argue over 24/7 on tv

    "one thing that is common to both collectivists and individualists is that the vast majority of them is well intentioned, they want the best life possible for their families for their country men and for mankind, they want prosperity and justice for their fellow man, where they disagree is how to bring those things about"

    ya the vast majority meaning those who are powerless not those who rule, and second what the fuck, only a stupid person or a liar would want best life possible for their country men and for mankind, that is so fucked up and stupid, i can't imagine caring for other people, and i wouldn't ever want anyone to care for me, I don't fuckin need anyone, everyone in this world can rot for all I care

    all this caring for other people is just bullshit, it is not about caring, it is about feeling superior to those who we care for and/or controlling their lives

    I don't need a feeder or a supporter or a defender, and so I don't need a governor, but yet I have to have one to live and travel on this planet, ah fuck God, governments only exist by creating issues and then claiming that we need them in order to resolve those issues

    how would you govern 6 Billion stupid ass people, but by creating issues, and letting them live a life of false hope, constantly wishing and hoping maybe it will be resolved before they die their worthless lives, wish on you so stupid humans

    have you seen the movie "the village", most idiots on this planet live in a world like that