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    Anyone use this site to publish a system?

    I'd like some feeback on it.
  2. He did indeed abandon those collective2 accounts. He had lead collective2 rankings for over a year (top 3). His original account is here:

    The highsharpe account consisted of only two trades and was abandoned as well
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    So where the equity curve for the top 2 ????
  4. d1david


    Collective2 is a nice 3rd party site that monitors a systems performance.. it has its issues.. but seems to be the best out there that i can see..

    here is a link to my system..

    <a href=""><img border=0 width=400 height=300 src=""></a>
  5. first off its a pain in the ass to do multiple orders or orders only at a certain time of day. If you want to sell the whole portfolio it takes about 30 minutes of work each time. Mind you this is based on my experience from a year ago. Perhaps it has evolved to basket trading, I cannot say. In general sites like are alot more user friendly and interactive than collective2. Mind you stockpickr does not give annual returns or sharpe ratios on portfolios at this time.

    If you are simply trading an index and generating signals, then collective2 may be for you. Otherwise, don't bother. This is why so many ditch their systems because its a waste of time inputting stocks.
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    If you do have multiple entries, it can be cumbersome to post, luckily for me, I only do 1-4 trades usually max for the day, so it only takes me about 2 minutes as far as entering my trades go...
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    I gave up on it as well because the order entry process was to difficult for my style of trading.
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