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    im thinking of subscribing to a vendor on the collective2 website. does anyone have any opinion on this collective2 website.
  2. Let the dying words of Siddhatta Gautama, the Buddha, be your guide: "Be lamps unto yourselves."
  3. I thought collective 2 was kewl...Check out their robot with Interactive Brokers...

    I hope they survive...
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    what does that mean. i really am looking for some helpful feedback. just because im a newbie doesn't mean i dont deserve a respectful answere
  5. who me?
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    no not you, the budda comment
  7. What it means is that you should ignore any advice that you have to pay for. If they are SELLING it to you, it means that it benefits THEM, not YOU. It is axiomatic in this business that the more you pay, the less you get. You want to know how the market works? Figure it out for yourself. The hard way. With time. With losses. With failure. With self-insight. The markets are designed to make YOU wrong, and THEM right. Read Alan Farley's book.
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    thank you that was very good.
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    The fills seem 'generous' to say the least.
    Some systems, which shall go unnamed(?), heavily trade thin stocks and in doing so consume the majority of that day's float, and without any negative repurcussions.
    Email isn't the best medium for certain types of trading signals.


    Alot of systems have free trials.
    It seems to attract some pretty talented system builders. The overall technology is pretty impressive if you really think about it. Matthew Klein, the owner and designer, is a very smart and entrepreneurial man. He listens to vendor's needs and improvements come at a good pace.
    Implemented an instant Messenger interface for real-time daytrading signals.
    He is a problem solver.

    All in all, I love it. Great means for cutting the proverbial crap.

    I also hope it survives!

  10. Do you have any ideas about why many systems/ signals vendors would not set up their hedge funds? :confused:
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