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    How much could a profitable system that has risk under control potentially earn on Collective2? I sometimes wonder how many people there really are to buy systems like that. Do you think the people who are charging 200-500 for a monthly subscription are actually finding customers?
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    Does anyone have any kind of experience with this site?
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    Guess Not
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    Yes, they are.
  5. What I wonder is why publish them?


    I am now in the testing phase of the first of my systems. Automated trading setups. Not a holy grail - a specific setup only (other systems will trade the others).

    Why the heck should I publish something earning me 200-400 usd a day with a 15.000 usd bankroll, rarely a week with any negtive balance, for 200-300 usd a month? Just - why? Deal with other people, customers, earning like 200 usd per person per month.... why?

    Really, not a complaint. I just wonder. To get some capital - ok, put it up, and put the money into the bank.

    But even with a small account, it is better to keep the system secret and pocket the profits. Bad days may come? Yeah - by then I made more money than I need to go through them.

    At least for short term systems. Where liquidity is.... possibly problematic.
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    For extra money.


    If your system makes $300 a day and you charge the same per month for your system, by having 20 subscribers you just DOUBLED your profits.

    Seriously. Why shouldn't you? Are you against making profits or something?
  7. Ah, but here is the problem. In this particular system, 30 subscribers would overload the edge and start slippage ;) Happens with short term systems. I can not handle 200 lot sizes there without slippage.

    Plus, if I have a good system (double money in 6 months), I can see my income going up already significant.

    I acutally need 30 subscribers - 30.5 to be exact. Once half pays the monthly system registration fee, and 1/3rd of the money goes to collective ;)
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    That is YOUR problem. You asked why anyone would sell a system, I told you why.

    For extra money...

    And not everyone's system loses its edge after a few followers....
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    Or if you have a scalable edge but don't have much starting capital. Im really looking at it for the records keeping. Quite a resume if you have a good system up there.
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    Received this email from C2 last night and have verified this is real, not a phishing attempt:

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