Collective2 (C2)

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rolextrader, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. C2 has an interesting concept but its design and implementation is seriously flawed in certain areas, particulary the adminstration of erroneous or inaccurate data it receives from third party trading platforms. When a system developer finds a problem with a trade, C2 will simply go to the information it received from the sender of the data to confirm that what C2 posted is in fact what it received. And that is where its responsibility begins and ends.

    If the trade was transmitted inaccurately or way off base, C2 doesn't care as long as it can confirm the information on its servers. So, if your data provider for some reason sends a very bad report, that report will stay on C2 regardless how far from reality it may be. C2 assumes no responsibilty for these types of errors and has no interest in curing the situation regardless who is at fault for the mistake. There is no verification so to speak on C2 other than what a data provider sends to it. That's all C2 verifies--what it does or doesn't receive.

    So what does this meant to the developer who is trying to market his system with a so-called "system verification" platform as C2 represent itself? Lets say, for example, he places a trade with his broker via NinjaTrader to BTO at X price and this is accurately reported to C2. Minutes later, he closes out the position at Y price ( a big profit), but Ninja has a data transmission problem or C2's server is on the whack and the STC order never gets to C2.

    So, as far as C2 is concerned, the developer has an open order. The developer, upon learning that the order was not transmitted to C2, must now go to C2 order entry platform and close the trade regardless if the current price has no bearing to the actual price he was filled at from Ninja. So, if he takes a big loss on C2, it will be reflected on his system stats even though this trade is is complete distortion of what transpired in reality and the system he is marketing is grossly inaccurate in its representation to those who view it on C2. In this theoretical example, a big actual profit will be reported on C2 as a big actual loss. This and this alone renders C2 useless in my opinion.

    If C2 were a broker (which its not, although it has an auto-trade mechanism) this trade would be busted and the customer (developer) would get the proper fill. But that is not the case here and it opens a gaping hole in what both developers and subscribers need to make this business model have value.

    The concept of C2 is good and may be valuable some time in the future if it can become a realtime, accurate reporter of live trades and work in tandem with it's data providers to insure the accuracy of the information it's presenting to the public regardless what party is at fault.