Collection Of Intraday Patterns For The ES Market

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  1. Hello everyone,

    This is just an idea I`m toying with, but I`m thinking about starting to collect trading patterns and try to organize them in a systematic fashion in order to learn tendencies and idiosyncrasies of the ES market.

    I might as well post them here as well for everyone to benefit. It would be very educational if others are interested in contributing as well. You do not need to post charts, but if there is a certain pattern you`ve noticed, please post it. Be it R10 moves, reversion to fair value, t-day theory or whatever.

    I know there is lots of great content in the ES journal, but due to it`s size and frequency of posts, the gems usually get lost very quickly. What if we could try and collect some gems here?

    Since I strictly trade afternoons, my trading is limited to that time window, but I will try to identify patterns for the whole intraday session with the benefit of hindsight.
  2. Test Of Daily Highs

    When the market is trading near the highs and currently are retracing in an uptrend or forming a double bottom in a range market, a test of the daily highs seems to be a pattern that plays out successfully quite often.
  3. Test Of Daily Highs In An Uptrend
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    I'm a little confused by what you're trying to do here.

    You looking for a list of price patterns that traders are using to trade the Emini ES futures. If yes, wouldn't any encyclopedia book on price patterns or website that list all (most) of the known chart patterns along with a few chart examples be just as good. :confused:

    However, I'm thinking that's not what you want considering it's so easy to obtain. Instead, maybe you want traders to list any price patterns that appeared in today's (or yesterday's) price action like a journal and then doing it again for tomorrow's price action and so on? This would allow discussion about what's currently happening with the price action of Emini ES futures.

  5. Don't confuse "plays out" with "tests out."
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    I think he was actually pretty clear. Also consider that certain patterns might haven't been described in books yet.

    Like ADU,SDD,dragon and gekko patterns. They were all described here on ET first by yours truly and I have a thread on each one, but I am too lazy to post the links.

    I throw in the 2nd gap rule and you have 5 patterns to use although the first 2 seem to be retired.

    For the OP I would advise to look up the gekko pattern because that gives a good sideways opportunity in the afternoons, that is rather easy to play...
  7. You have to buy patterns from wrb, don't post them here.

  8. Don't expect much help here.

    I am sending you a pm.
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    I disagree and your comment about Elitetrader information is exactly was I stated because the fact is this... is a website and traders discuss their price patterns being used on the Emini ES futures...

    It's easily obtained via simply clicking on the link of the thread and then reading/studying the educational message posts. In addition, there are several cheap books of encyclopedias of price patterns that can be fetch on Amazon and probably for free at your local library or University library.

    For example, here's an in-depth description of one of my favorite price patterns with tons of chart examples here at in the thread I started that's called Trading Hammers (revisited) @ (easily obtained by clicking on the link) that's not discussed in such a way in any book nor at any other website. :D

    Therefore, with info like the above so easily available...I still think he wants this thread to be a "price pattern trade journal". For example, someone chimes in and saids "I saw this on Friday Feb 4th and here's a chart of what I saw". Then next Monday Feb 7th someone saids in real-time or after the fact "I seen this price pattern and here's a chart of what I saw". This continues every trading day or most trading days.

    The latter above is not easy to get traders to do because it's essentially a daily "trade journal". Just as important to cement my opinion about him wanting a "price pattern journal", the charts the two charts the OP had posted at the time of his message post...they were charts of the "current price" action" and not hindsight charts posted days, weeks, months or years ago.

    Therefore, if I post again in this thread...I'll make sure it's a chart of Emini ES futures, SPY or $SPX Index that shows a bullish or bearish Hammer pattern in "current price action" that correlates to what's discussed in my Trading Hammers (revisited" thread at the above link.

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    I think it is good you want to collect patterns you discover or others know what works for them. There are many nuances to be able to trade ES well, but they are not really so much as "price patterns," more like a roadmap of how certain markets trade. Some will say price action is price action, but each instrument does have it's own personality. What works well in ES, might not work well in a running market like Crude Oil.

    I have found through the years that afternoon session was the worst time for me to trade, 94% of my profits have come from before the last 105 minutes of day session. Am usually fatigued now more than ever to trade this session.

    I don't find it makes any difference whether it is a high or a low, but it is one of the areas I wait for during afternoon session, I know the market wants to hit the stops either above or below the extremes of the day, so since I am a scalper most of the time, I wait till price gets beyond the extreme and fade it for a handful of tics. I know if price does not go beyond a pivot by more than 3 tics, chances are it is a trap to trap in the inexperience and not a true trend change or continuation of trend. So if I find a low risk trend trade, I tend to stay with this trade a bit longer thinking the extremes of the day will be broken and I will reverse.

    I think there are sometimes better to think of the reasons why a market might make a reversal at a certain time as well, I guess that could be thought of as a pattern too, just like when pit traded bond market closes and another reaction 20-25 minutes after. When the stocks close, sometimes a reaction, it is the "tidbits" a trader picks up through the years that make them a better trader, not so much of a price pattern in my beliefs.
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