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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by riddler, May 18, 2010.

  1. riddler


    i am being taken to court for 5k ..the collection agency is also a law firm. i called and asked them to settle and they said they will only come down to 3800 .. i told them 1200. i have 2 more weeks to respond to the court..will they come back with another offer?
    this is the 5th collection agency but the first to sue me..i can file for BK but i would rather settle because i have another 6k card that i am sure they will get a hold of.
  2. NY_HOOD


    hang tough for another week. i bet they send you another offer in writing.
  3. is a costa rican domicile out of the question?

    just testing the water here

  4. Debt's a bitch, innit.
    What asshole decision did you make, to find yourself in this pickle?
  5. nkhoi

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    on the court date tell them you got tied up in CanFestival, request to move the court date to next year.