collasping bridges

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  2. Trial lawyers.
  3. Spare a thought for those who perished you sick fuck.
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  5. I can't believe you expect more from zdreg.
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    skip the morality dribble. I wouldn't delve into your personal lives or possibly through your posts. I am sure that most of you live in glass houses.:D

    i always welcome minutiae from the perpetual dollar bull iva.
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    actually an infrastructure theme is old hat on wall street
  8. Rephrase the question. What companies are at fault? Go short. What companies benefit? Go long and donate a portion of the proceeds of profit to charity. There, moral dilemma solved.
  9. Let me take the other side of this argument. I just emailed my hedge fund asking about buying Chicago Bridge & Iron this morning. When the Towers fell I was there buying everything American airliners in particular I was doing that because the market was on the cusp of a crash... To view deaths of our soldiers in IRAQ and NOT invest in the body armor companies perhaps that is as wrong as thinking about it. I for one took a HUGE loss in Force Protection but not one of our soldiers has been killed in their up armor vehicle... I feel ok about it.

    My answer is people die tragically all over the world and investment ideas arise quite naturally, they are not mercurial in nature but responses to new economic input. We have thousands of bridges in America with the same safety rating as the one that just fell. If investing in CBI gives them the capital to take on more jobs, hire more people and improve more bridges that is a GOOD outcome. The fact that the stock just reported a miss but guided higher for 07 gives me a certain sense of peace with the whole pick. Still doing my DD but that's my view.~ stoney
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