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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Millionaire_Raj, Apr 27, 2021.

  1. i want to trade Collar Strategy with SPX Options & 2 lots of E-mini Future . Can you suggest me a right broker with less margin . Might hold a trade for 2 days.

    CFD brokers provide good leverage but dont offer options.
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    Long collars are synthetic bull verticals.
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    If you are using SPX options to do collar then won;t you need 5 E mini not 2 to match the 1 SPX ? also you won't get cross margin perhaps? so why not use ES + ES options ?
  5. destriero


    Long shares at 95; long put at 90; short call at 100.

    Long shares + 90 put = long synthetic 90 call.

    Long synthetic 90C & short natural 100C = long synthetic 90/100 call spread.

    Or do your thing across classes and add'l comms which is pointless.