Collapse of the dollar

Discussion in 'Economics' started by jroger, Jul 4, 2011.

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    This guy apparently has something to sell, so he will be discredited. But I'm not sure if there was anything that he said that wasn't true. His predictions are probably a little outlandish, but I suspect that 20 years from now he'll be able to say that he was mostly right.
  3. Of course he posts something that they say is controversial, thats how he gets ppl to look at his site in the hope that they will sign on for his advisory services.

    Any of you that let your brain fly on this crap are a bunch of retards for not knowing any better....
  4. Good sales guy! that is all. Whether the dollar will collapse nor not is irrelevant to what he sells. I almost fell into it. LOL.
  5. This commercial is on every AM talk show. End of America10, EndofAmerica43, EndofAmer.....well you get it.

    Fear mongering at it's best. Buy gold! But let me ask a question. If the armageddeon hits, what good is your gold, if you have no water?
  6. exactly, back in the old days we only had to fear them dern commies an their nukes, now our bankers are more dangerous than nuclear armed opponents or terrorist? How people can fall for this stuff amazes me, but again in America one can market anything and find an audience.
  7. Post should be renamed:
    Collapse of the Euro
    That's going down first...
    the USD.
  8. It doesn't matter if the USD collapses.
  9. Exactly...but only if all other currencies collapse as well.
    Otherwise: hyperinflation...$100 will be needed to buy a cheap chinese trinket.