Collapse of Financial Markets - The Death of Capitalism

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jahajee, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Melodramatic? Maybe. But this
    ban on short selling is the beginning
    of the end of the Financial Markets.
    How can you have a Market if you
    ban short selling? Anyone believes
    the markets will jump for joy and
    go up in a straight line and we attain
    a state of Nirvana? No.
    This 1000-point rally will evaporate and
    the markets will sink as soon as the sane
    among us realize this is a huge con game
    played by those who want to apply bandaid
    solutions to problem that requires far more
    than stopping short sales.

    I am tempted to characterize this acton as
    unAmercan but I see the wimps in Europe are
    playing along.

    This rule will be reversed in a month or two. They
    will be forced to revert to pre-September 18.
  2. Coolio


    They know this but they have to fix some rules first. (up tick will come back, leveraging % rules on hedge funds, FASB157 abolished) Just take a chill pill.
  3. loik


    What does it require("problem that requires far more
    than stopping short sales
  4. Either you're an idiot or just plain stupid.
  5. joemiami

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    Why are we even talking about this? We already know that the ban on short selling is just temporary to provide some needed support to the financial stocks.

    Jahahee, did your mother drop you on the floor on your head when you were a baby?...bcuz your brain sure works like it.
  6. Carl Marx must be having a laugh about now, when capitalism fails the state provides....