Colin Powell said he was impressed with Obama's record on the economy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ChkitOut, Oct 25, 2012.

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  2. you literally have to be stupid, insane or a liar to say you're impressed with an obama economy. anemic and slowing gdp growth, 8% unemployment.

    I mean shoot, he must think that bill clinton is well.... almight god himself if he thinks obamas economy is impressive. :cool:
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    It is obvious, and has been since 2008, that Colin Powel is a racist.
  4. LEAPup


    Bush was a joke. Obama isn't. He's on a mission to transform America into a communist Country.
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    The economy is improving. I know you don't like that fact and I know why you don't like it.
  6. i think he has a lot of black guilt built up inside him and so is making up for it. i think he just doesnt feel black enough with his past.
  7. I't almost time, almost, to just say OK, you guys are right, Romney is the saviour, and if he does happen to win, then blame him until 2016 when Dem's take over again. It's a lot different just talking about fixing stuff than actually having the job to fix all sorts of things. From war to economics to women's issues.

    OK, say Romney wins, now what will really happen? The media is the only one winning overall.
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    Logically speaking, if in spite of those things he has attained the positions he's had, it follows that you, an internet troll merely, are less than worthless!

    Only speaking logically, of course. :D
  9. i didnt say he was worthless, but am saying he is a liar, stupid or insane. :cool:
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