Colin Powell Owned By Rush

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  1. yeah, heard this in real time. I kept thinking to myself, 2 time combat veteran, 4 star general against a talk show host who failed on tv, was run off of espn, but knows that there are enough hillbillys out there who feel marginalized by the well educated to pay his bills.

    He is a consumate populist. So I do give credit where credit is due. But Norman Rockwells America is dead, and at 60, soon he will be as well.

    Just a matter of time.
  2. maxpi


    Liberal fascism!! A religion of government, government can do about whatever they want to make everything political... and liberal fascists just can't stand opposition. Rush is opposition, Rush should die and go away... makes sense to me... oh, and the demeaning talk about hillbillies, why do liberal fascists insist on demeaning talk?
  3. Lucrum


    Uh that's probably my fault maxpi.

    I keep calling them bleeding heart,
    pantywaist, moonbat, left wing nut, commie butt pirates, still living at home with their mother, losers.

    I'll tone it down a bit.

    Just not right now.
  4. Rush Limbaugh = Anal Fissure...when Colin Powell was in Combat.

    End of story.
  5. I am willing to bet a few grand that Dr. Z is gay.

    You know ZZZZzzzz would like to meet you.
  6. Yep.

    Rush Limbaugh versus Colin Powell on the battlefield, or making strategic or tactical decisions about the use of American Military power...

    ...Rush certainly is the authority, and Powell is such a bleeding heart, liberal pansy.

    Rush's background is military par excellence, and he is 'hard as nails.'

    You are such a douchebag, it's incredible. You and Steve Douche from Faux news should get a room together.


  7. Again, maxpi, the greatest fascist of all time most would associate with your side of the aisle.
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