Coldwell CEO on CNBC

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by blast19, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. blast19


    If you didn't catch it, it was disgusting. Literally made me nauseas...trying to sucker people into buying now is disgusting.
  2. He and Dave Lereah should get a room together.
  3. Kind of reminds me of Joe batapaglia of Gruntal when the market went down...."nows the time to buy"
  4. blast19


    Coldwell should take their profits and reinvest them in RE then, especially in Sacramento and Bonita Springs. :D And the CEO should move to those shitholes to boot.
  5. duard


    As I have said many times before don't hate. Those peddling RE will give you a blow job just for shopping. Last year they spit, this year they swallow. So shop for a house or condo this weekend you may be surprised as to what lengths the agents invloved will go to close the deal.

    "Shag" carpet.

    "Deep" discount.

    "Multiple" offers.

    "Swallow" the closing costs.

    Whatever you'd like.
  6. That guy is just a shill...

    Full service broker and a good lender is an unbeatable combination.

    Yeah just who was partly responsible for the recent bubble.. that unbeatable combination.


    What a dope.