coldwell banker having their own $8000 tax credit!!!!

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  1. S2007S


    Just when you thought it was about to end coldwell bank is now offering up to $8000 worth of credit for buyers. Seems this free money giveaway is a success to all buyers.

    So this is how this scheme works, they recommend the sellers offer up to a 3% credit at closing up to $8000 for those who missed out on the other free $8000 giveaway just last month.

    Like the sellers aren't going to prop up their selling price to factor in the 3% credit at closing.

    Ends July 31st
    What does that mean for you?

    For Buyers:

    * Receive up to an $8,000* credit at signing
    * Open to all potential homebuyers — Where the home seller has agreed to participate
    * Sign on your terms — with flexible closing deadlines

    For Sellers:

    * Add prominence to your listing with an $8,000* incentive, applied at closing, for interested buyers
    * Increase exprosure on searches
    * Do your part to keep the momentum of the government tax credit going
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    Oh man...slow sales period?

    I'm sure those underwater/maxed out prices are going to be propped up as well with another "up to 8K" credit.