Cold war never really ended?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TMcKenna, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. maxpi


    Putin is leading a country that started the cold war, then lost it, and made the US rich in the process. Isn't that a little embarrassing when it is all said and done?? Now he has to make it sound like he is important somehow, like in the good old days of threatening the US with missiles.

    I suppose he can view the war on terror as bullying and keep his relations with his client states in the ME if he wants to but hey, another set of morons started a war with the US and the US is probably going to 1)win, again 2)get rich doing it, again 3) wait for the next set of morons.
  2. pamjoey


    I have never believed or trusted the Russians, or most any other country from the east. Russia, and most of these other countries are ran by governments which have taken over during military warfare. Whichever group of people have the military under their control, mostly the hardliners, are running things.

    I have always thought they had backed down, because they truly realized their weak position.

    Countries backed by military leaders, hardly ever win wars, because most of these military leaders, lack diplomacy.

    I guess Iraq, could be the latest example.

    As always, its just my opinion, and I could be wrong
  3. And can you tell me which war has Russia lost so far in its entire history?
  4. Didn't Afghanistan whip them upside their heads?...:confused:
  5. pamjoey


    Hi TMcKenna,
    Sure, plenty in just the last 30 years. Wasnt the Soviet Union, not to long ago, just 1 country? Civil war, has broken them into how many nations now?
  6. forexaim


    the point is, its in the past.. although it doesnt help, you cant blame the past for todays world