Cold fusion success: real or myth?

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    Hello guys,
    the leading economical Italian newspaper "Il Sole 24 Ore" wrote yesterday an article about cold fusion regarding the success - or so it seems - of a Japanese scientist being able to produce energy from deuterium. For those of you able to read Italian, here's the link:

    I searched on google about the Arata Phenomena, as it's been called this process, but got next to nothing. Since the newspaper is not exactly a gossip rag, I still don't know what to think.
    Comments, anyone?
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    I believe its possible because Government and Big Energy says its not.

    Stanely Myer invented a water fuel cell demonstrated to British dignitaries and Military who said it was the real deal.

    I believe it.

    Are there any vested interests in Corporate or Political life that stand to lose with FE? Who are they and why?
  3. Sonoluminescence phenomena should be considered also in the cold fusion debate.
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    If the oil lobby get their way it will be a dead duck
  5. Cold fusion is a myth, nothing more. All claims of cold fusion have been debunked as the experiments haven't replicable by other parties. I could go into the exact science of why it's a myth, but this is a trading forum.
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  8. that is very true. The purpose of science is for people to discover something interesting/new, publish in a quality journal + make an announcement. Then other reputable institutions/scientists CORROBORATE the work, following the techniques as detailed.

    If uncorroborated, it is DISMISSED, as cold fusion was. It doesn't matter how loud or slick the original scientist's work appears. Without the needed proof, his work is considered unfounded or suspect. This is as it should be.

    A distinguished South Korean science was disgraced recently, for basically falsifying his work - stem cell research or cloning I believe - his exact research escapes me at the moment.
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    Cold fusion research is not going to come out of the US. A law was passed that any university working on it would have their federal funds pulled!! Energy companies are not going to stand for such nonsense at the taxpayers expense :)
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    Tony Stark built a 10 cm cold fusion reactor using 1.2 grams of palladium, in a cave in Afghanistan. Why can't the well funded geniuses at CERN (link) or LANL (link), with all their billions, do the same?
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