Cold Fusion - our new energy source?

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    Here's a decent article about it:

    I'd like to ask the Jews and all who think Jews are a special, god-chosen race of people... what do you think about free energy for all mankind? Will you dance with joy when it will be available just like some of you were dancing and celebrating during 9/11?
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    where in my post have you found a "jew hate" thing?

    some jews were dancing with joy just after planes hit WTC. it's a FACT, deal with it.

    i do NOT hate jews as a race. i just know that many jews are responsible for mass murder and suffering of tens of millions of people. are you able to grasp the difference?
  4. So you start a post about cold fushion and then totally out of the blue you QUESTION only ONE are a complete pathetic fool to be following your "learned" mentalities.

    Start thinking for yourself for once, and it will be so refreshing to feel some real truth rush into your being.......set the canned "anti-jew" manuals down that have been put upon you. Pray to JESUS, and ask him what he thinks of your current beliefs! :cool:

    ALL MEN from all races or religious beliefs can have the nature of evil within them......learn to find that and then you can spot the REAL enemy! :cool:
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    100% agree. but also it is possible that 0.1% of people from a single religious belief can be responsible for majority of evil in the world.
  6. If you could ever prove that, it would be a first time in history. BTW, how do you KNOW these said men ACTUALLY follow the taught doctrine/beliefs of their supposed religion??? Also, are middle eastern men who blow themselves up and kill civilians following their true religion??? :eek:
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    Cold fusion is a possible solution.

    I don't know why the richest countries in the world don't put many more billions in research into these alternative energies. Our very survival is at stake if Peak Oil is a reality.
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  9. jews have been persecuted thoughout history and yet still remains so great.

    it is truly the eternal race
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