Cold Fusion Is Back

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    It is BS and we already have a thread about it....
  3. LOL....The first sentence says it all....

    Eng. Andrea A. Rossi and Professor Sergio Focardi of the University of Bologna...
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    Are you implying these guys are full of bologna?
  5. Consider the thread starter.
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  7. Far more interesting for nuclear power than all this cold fusion nonsense is China's announcement of a development program for thorium fueled molten salt reactors:

    Molten salt thorium fueled reactors potentially have many advantages over current uranium fueled thermal reactors including:

    * Near atmospheric pressure operation avoiding the need for expensive high pressure vessels.

    * Very high fuel burn up with plenty of thorium for thousands of years.

    * Very small high level waste stream safe after a few hundred years

    * Higher temperature operation leading to better thermal efficiency

    * Very safe with very simple, elegant safety systems.

    * Highly resistant to weapons proliferation

    The US has very few years left before it's lead in nuclear engineering and technology is gone forever.