Cold Calling Future Guys:

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  1. Okay so this is almost a solicitation, but it is more like a thread for advice:

    I went to a decent four year school and majored in MIS, I'm not some hot shot from NYU, but I want to get back into trading futures.

    I don't have the drive to get and MBA and apply to the big companies just to solicit customers and all that other crap. I just want to backtest and trade that's it.

    What do you think about cold calling these guys that can back a guy like me? Alot of times if you tell them you're a programmer they'll laugh at you. And most of the bigger guys won't give you the time of day.
  2. Probably not going to get you anywhere unless you can show some actual backtesting results. Even then it will be an uphill battle. Who are you going to call exactly? How are you going to get their numbers?
  3. how about working your ass off in some job (any job) for a couple of years, saving up money for your trading capital and then trading your strategies with that money ? or would that be too mundane ??
  4. I've got strategys that are already backtested. I actually almost got hired by what I assume was a small firm, last week.

    Where will I ge the numbers? I've done everything : stole numbers from the NYMEX website, googled, etc. I've done crazy stuff.
  5. too mundane. I can't do it.

    I've got a job with General Dynamics - programmer/analyst.

    I can't stand the corporate campus layout. It drives me crazy. I want to be with traders and I want to watch prices.

    All these superlatives are too much. And ID badge! and parking spot!

    I'm willing to clerk for someone on the floor today.
  6. Why can't you use your own money? How much do you need to trade your strategies?
  7. What if they hire you to "evaluate" your strategies and then kick you out 2-3 mos. later after learning them?

    I need an additional $2-3 mil to trade my strategies efficiently but won't take it to anybody for the above reason(s).


  8. I don't have it. In a few years I see myself able to open an account, but I will still be in the same job. And would never consider trading for home. I mean hell in the future I will need the salary.

    What is it like 4k to margin one S&P?
  9. What numbers ? do you mean data ?? if so, then there are so many service providers out there that offer market data / charts / platforms for a fee.

    And why can't you trade with your own money, if you're so confident about your back-tested strategies ?

    p.s. and if you don't have the money to trade as of now, why don't you save up from a regular job (any job) and build a capital base for yourself ?


  10. The phone numbers to the guys that need me.
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