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  1. is he funny?

    i dont find him funny, or clever :confused:

    on other hand, Stewart is G.E.N.I.U.S X2 :D
  2. I have the opposite opinion.

    Colbert is hilarious.
    Stewart is not.
  3. really?
    i'm interested in why?
  4. For me, comedians wear out their welcome pretty quick. Stewart is an exception.:D
  5. stewart is a genuinely smart but also personable guy. :D
  6. I find his arrogant, parody-style character quite amusing. And I love the interviews he does with straight-up politicians.

    Accepting an apology from a politician when no apology was given = hilarious.

    The skits he does with that goofy, over the top attitude crack me up.

    Above all else I like him because he's original. Nobody has a shtick like Colbert. Jon Stewart just reminds me largely of a politically focused late night show such as Leno or Letterman - I don't find it very original.
  7. his "skits" are predictable and you

    clever never bit you on the ass :D
  8. I think Steven Colbert is one of the best interviewers on TV. Leno is totally lame and should never have gone back to the Tonight Show.

  9. a good interviewer..are you kidding seriously?

    he doesn't even hear his guest he just waits for a pause to launch his stupid reply :confused:

    Stewart LISTENS to his guest..
  10. I like both Stewart and Colbert. But I usually don't stay up past Colbert's opening monologue.
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