Coke's Lawyers Knuckle Under To Gay Pressure, Drop DOMA Case

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    Liberals never tire of giving sanctimonious lectures about a lawyers duty to defend unpopular clients, and how it's just plain wrong to hold them accountable for trying to aid terrorists and undermine our safety.

    So it's perfectly fine that a large group of terrorist lawyers infest the Justice Department. It's just too controversial however for a large Atlanta firm to defend the constitutionality of a law passed with the suuport of numerous liberals and signed by Bill Clinton.

    What has happened to the legal profession in this country? And what can we do to restore some sense of fairness to our justice system? It's one thing if the media is one big cesspool of liberal bias. It's far more threatening that our justice system and legal profession seem to be under the control of dedicated far left activists.
  2. I htink a good start would be for the republican congress to chop the Justice Department's budget in half. If they aren't going to perform their constitutional duties, why fund them?
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    What a novel idea. In fact take it to the next level and cut the budgets of ALL the government agencies that aren't doing their job and we'd go from a budget deficit to a budget surplus over night.