Coins from Feb 2009 (in Tulip Trust) just moved yesterday. Bitcoin finished.

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  1. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra

    This is the address. Speculation that Craig Wright is Satoshi is somewhat plausible but whether or not it's him, if he has control of the nearly 1 million bitcoins he says he does, he has said he's going to dump them all this year and give the money to charity and other projects.

    List of the 16,000 bitcoin address which now seem to be unlocked because of the movement of one of those addresses that hasn't moved since 2009.
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    lolz, surely this is the end of bitcoin right?
  3. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra

    It's all about risk vs reward. Maybe it is finished, maybe it isn't. But coins moving from feb 2009 is enough to spook me sell my bitcoins. Not going to take a chance until I see how this plays out.
  4. From my standpoint, that Kleiman case suggests that those guys were Satoshi. I heard a not-so-publicized interview from Craig a couple of years ago where he suggested in somewhat cryptic language that Satoshi was not one person and that "the rest of the band" is no longer around so he wasn't going to get into Satoshi. Many people don't want to believe Craig was part of the group because they don't like him personally or question his technical ability. But if Satoshi wasn't one person, Craig didn't have to be the primary technical brains behind it. Just my view.
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    There is a key for Bitcoin, to make them all vanish?

    Never heard of that...speaks against the whole philosophy.
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    Do not worry, BitFinex stands ready to print infinite amount of tethers to support cryptos.
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    Really? I don't think you know how bitcoin works. Each of those bitcoin addresses correspond to a private key and bitcoins in one of those addresses moved (transferred), it does not mean the other bitcoins in the other addresses are unlocked.

    Craig Wright testified under oath he lost the private keys to those bitcoin addresses. The movement on that one address proves that Faketoshi was lying and perjured himself.

    Here's a topic on similar concept:

    Bottom line, anyone can claim they own the bitcoins in 16,000 bitcoin addresses or any bitcoin address but it does not mean anything unless that person can actually transfer those coins to another address (or sign a message using the private keys).

    No. See above.
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  8. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra

    Well, you're literally betting real money that you're right. But lets say for a minute you are. Does it matter? The facts are that old coins moved. That alone should spook you into getting out until you know who did it and why.
  9. Here4money


    It was the real Satoshi to expose fake Satoshi on perjury (saying in court not having he keys while claiming being Satoshi).
  10. johnarb


    I'm not trying to be right, I'm just explaining to you that what you posted was wrong, and hope you understand why.

    Are you suggesting for me to sell all my crypto holdings because 50 bitcoins contained in 1 bitcoin address that has not moved for 11 years is an indication that all the other 1 million bitcoins will start to be transferred and cashed out? That's a fair suggestion.

    The other 1 million bitcoins may start to move tomorrow or next month or next year. That has always been a risk when investing in bitcoin that the coins supposedly belonging to Satoshi could start to move and crash the bitcoin price but that risk will never go away.

    There's also an estimate that 4 million bitcoins' private keys are lost forever so if they start to move they can be dumped on the market.

    Will they all get sold at the same time, who knows. As Paul Tudor Jones says, every day that goes by and bitcoin survives, the trust in it will go up (as a SOV). I'm literally betting real money that it continues to survive.
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