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  1. FX_Hedge


    I just found out that Coinexx will add 5 new crypto pairs in the month of September all based on the EUR. This is excellent news!

    Coinexx brokerage offers 5 USD pairs right now and will move to 10 by end of September - I am sure we will see more added before the end of the year. Being able to trade crypto pairs on the MT5 platform the way I trade FX has been fantastic. I think Coinexx is on a roll so they need to keep the ship straight and not screw up the momentum they are building in the crypto trading space.
  2. Turveyd


    Loads of copy cat scam sites, link please to be sure
  3. FX_Hedge


    There is only one site
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  4. Turveyd


    Google it, there are loads of scam sites, which pretend to be trading sites.

  5. Buckey


    Even I went through some confusion earlier but the original one is and others are just fake. I talked to them on live chat and this is the reply I got from Coinexx,

    “We are aware that there are various other websites who have been trying to en-cash our brand value by mimicking our domain name and trying to generate advert revenue. Some of these have even approached us asking for us to buy them. However we are not affiliated with any other website or business name that is trying to lure customers by using similar business name."

    hope i helped!
  6. FX_Hedge


    Correct - only one (the crypto broker)
  7. Turveyd


    Damn Scammers!!!
  8. FX_Hedge


    Well, so far they are the one who is not.
  9. Turveyd


    Calm just all the damn copy cats, get the wrong 1 and bye bye money.

    Saying maring x5 on the site on crypto sounds too low, get a demo setup later.
  10. Bethany


    @FX_Hedge seems like you had the insider news.. they are out with eur pairs and have launched MT4.

    Really like this broker, will pump more funds into my small account
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