Coincidence ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by galvinlee888, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Both news come out from two different publishers during the weekend ..

    CNBC -
    "Week Ahead: Earnings Seasons in Full Swing as Investors Watch for a Pull Back .."

    WSJ -
    "Don't Get Carried Away by the Market Rally
    It's hard to stay cool in a hot market.
    Wall Street's been booming lately. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen 22% since last summer, and the Nasdaq Composite 30%. Market spirits are up. The optimists are out in force. .."

    Both news somehow "hint" that market will move down next week ? :D

    Is this just pure coincidence ? Or some smart money (or more correclt to said as "corrupted money") are behind this news manipulation so that they can push down the market and buy the dip, or they are currently holding a large Short positions ? :confused:

    This is purely open ended discussion, looking for your inputs ..:p
  2. chartman


    Insiders have been feeding the news media every since trading began. The media is always seeking information from the insiders to report as the 'gospel' truth whether it is the print media or talking heads on TV. Take any 'news' with a grain of salt. Do your own reseach. Remember that if anyone really knew any thing worthwhile, you would be the last person they would tell unless they can use you to help them manipulate the market. Beware.
  3. I am right, S&P future already drop by more than 5 points now, with all the "implied" bad news (more on CNBC today..):D

    Not sure if anyone know the smart(corrupted) money are doing something now?.:p :mad: :confused: