Coinbase is launching a marketplace for NFTs

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  1. Good news
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  2. LuckyMac


    Really good news :) Its another avenue to explore for sure. I have recently got into NFTs so i will have some research on how Coinbase are going to do this :)
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    I have that printed out and framed hanging on my wall. For free. :)

    But yeah, I want to mint, mint, mint and get the suckers to pay for it. Excellent news.
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  5. This is an area I really need to look more into. I doubt at any point I'm going to get $3m for a doodle but there is surely scope to monetise this longer term and build a business around it.
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  7. The Coinbase co-founder is expanding, apparently - the San Francisco based investment company Paradigm, owned by Coinbase co- founder Fred Ehrsam and former Sequoia Capital partner Matt Huang, raised some 2,5 bln USD for a new crypto venture- capital fund – the Paradigm One.

    The fund is so far the largest of its kind, surpassing that of Andreessen Horowitz, which earlier this year raised 2,2 bln.
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