Coin Flip.

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  1. How can you win with a 50/50 Coin Flip system?
  2. Have three different indicators or three different settings of the same indicator, one long term another middle term and the third even shorter term.

    Set appropriate stops.

    If the long term indicator is trending up and you entered long, exit when the middle term indicator shows a peak or reversal to the downside. If you entered short, exit when the short term indicator shows a low or reversal to the upside.

    If the long term indicator is flat, exit on the short term indicator whether you are short or long.

    If the long term indicator is trending down and you entered short, exit on the middle term indicator. If you entered long, exit on the short term indicator.

    It's a pretty general idea and I'm not sure that it would work but this is the first thing I would try.
  3. double the bet til you win.
  4. Forget the system and pocket the coin. :D
  5. Use the criteria "Heads I win, Tails you loose"


  6. Easy....use stops and let your profits RUN!
  7. when i saw thread name, i thought WD was gonna actually contribute something.. ah nevermind what a hopeless AB
  8. toss coin
    go long on heads, short on tails
    cut losses short
    let profits run
    never add to losing positions

    sounds easy
    but almost no one can do it

  9. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cut your losses and let your profits run. There are, perhaps, three people who do not know this yet. When will we stop abusing the obvious, and get on with it?

    The coin flip is essentially a question about the usefulness of random entries. That, in turn, is about as complacent as, "Look, Ma, no hands!" While we may all be impressed with the boxer who can fight with one hand tied behind his back, is that really how we want to play the game?

    Perhaps your question should be dubbed "The Tharp Curse." It just doesn't go away. We've been Tharped.
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