Coin dealer carries $1.9M dime in pocket

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  1. On arrival he was asked? Is that a dime in your pocket or are you just glad to see me. Poor excuse to keep his hand in his pocket. "Yo, you playing wid yourself/" "Who me? I got a rare dime in my pocket"
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    This story was picked up by the AP and so carried in all the major papers. I'd seen it in the NYTimes. My first reaction was... the guy's missing a few screws. He's traveling cross-country on a commercial flight with hardly any protection (did the lone security guard even get on the plane in San Jose? even if so, he could not have been armed) and then talking about his MO in detail! I'm surprised he somehow neglected to mention his "Preferred" airline, hotel and rental car chains... a serious oversight on his part.

    Obviously, his rich clients didn't contact the press... HE did. He must think that his boast / cross-country travel adventure makes for good publicity for his multi-million dollar collectibles business. But if that's not an open invitation for the bad guys to put him under electronic surveillance or kidnap him for ransom or rob him or burglarize his joint or, best, easiest and safest of all, steal his identity and fleece him that way nearly risk-free, then I don't know what is. What a doofus...
  3. This is another sign the the dollar is going to be worthless.
  4. Yeah , kind of stupid to bring this public.

    Not as dumb as someone paying a 6% vig though
  5. LOL nice way of putting it..