Coin Collector?

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  1. A friend of mine asked me about Rockwell Tradings coin collector system and I do not have any knowledge of this--------anybody have any experience with this outfit?

    I told him that paid for automated systems are usually in their dying stages-------but I have no idea how this system is performing.
  2. Ask your friend to get in touch with the guys at Rockwell Trading directly. I have spoken with Markus and Ben with Rockwell, and they are very helpful. Check out Collective2 for performance of CC.

    Hope this helps.
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    Same here - and I would also add Tobias' name to the list. It's a good system and these are good folks. In addition, Collective2 is impressive in scope and quite helpful.
  4. Coin Collector was positive 16 points today in ES.
  5. I have the strategy runner set up through my friends trial period----------I will watch this Monday realtime.

    Great input-----------thank you.
  6. I looked at this system a few months back.

    The system had a low expectancy.

    Below $0.2 per dollar risked.

    This is still postive but relative to the amount of money being
    risked it was quite a low figure.
  7. Do you need to use a certain broker to use their service?
  8. Anyone?
  9. Any PATS/Strategy Runner broker.
  10. I know nothing about their system ... my comment is related to the name ....

    ...In my experience every person that has refered to compensation - either in a job or in a system - as "coin" has proven to be clueless and worthless.

    I dont know why this is ... but any time I hear an executive refer to compensation as "coin" or I hear any financial professional refer to booking revenue as "coin" I know to run away or at least be extremely wary of the individual or firm connected to the term.

    Just my two cents on what the name implies to me .....
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