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  1. i decided to invest in precious metals in doing so i developed a new hobby collecting coins. i don't collect them unless they are precious metals but found it is a two fold interest. both investment and interest. some of the coins are works of art.

    do any of you have the same hobby.
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    Yes, I have been collecting coins since childhood which was many many moons ago.

    While I collect a wide range of coin types, I have concentrated on silver coins for many years. My thinking always was that even if they weren't particularly rare coins, they would always be worth their weight in silver or at the very least face value.

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    Same story here. Our local coin shop always has a box of old Morgan (!) silver dollars which a little over a year ago were only $8.50 each and some of the common dates were nearly uncirculated. I would pick up a few every week as that seemed really cheap to me. Of course I continue to update some of the books I've had since I was a kid.
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    Seems like collecting silver was a good choice! :)

  5. Nutmeg is up a ladder cleaning a window when a bag of silver coins falls out of his pocket.

    He climbs down to retrieve the bag of silver coins and it hits him on the head.
  6. 1) Thanks for the short-term sell-signal. :eek:
    2) Treat the "hobby" like a "business". :cool:
    3) The same has been said of Beanie Babies. :)
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    Please note that the original posts are from 3/19/2010.

  8. 1) Duly noted.
    2) In that case, I'm fading the revival of the thread. :cool:
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    Who knows where the price of silver will go? In my case, I still collect but due to the run-up in price of silver (and I have been a consistent buyer of silver coins since 3x face value and now silver is at 30x face value), I have sold enough at this point that all the silver I own is free and clear and then some.

    Now let's see, there is 2.8 cents worth of copper in pre 1983 copper cents and 6.7 cents worth of nickel in five cents pieces ...

  10. The "penny arb" is illegal.....atleast in the US. :D :eek: :( :mad:
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