Coiled Markets - Opinions?

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  1. Hi fellow traders,

    I'm a full time trader from Australia who specialises in trading equities using CFDs as leverage. Recently I have started to look at trading the Eminis and therefore have been checking out what educational information is out there.

    I have been a full time trader for many years and therefore appreciate that there is no holy grail but I also value my time so I am willing to pay a reasonable amount of money for an education in a new market.

    I would like to thank this forum for its discussion on Traders International. It seems that their cover is blown in the US and therefore they have now branched out to Australia. I recently saw them at a trading expo and to a newbie their presentation was amazing. To an experienced trader it was possible to see the many holes that were contained not only in their presentation but also in their trading method. When I asked them the difficult questions it was funny to see them run a hundred miles and refuse to give a straight question.

    So that leads me onto my question for the forum. Does anyone have any experience with Coiled Markets. I have checked out the website (which is poorly presented, but this gives me hope that maybe this guys is actually a trader rather than a tricky marketer) and the guy seems to be fairly honest and presents trading in a realistic light. No claims of 90% success rate or "we possess the holy grail". Some of his free videos were really good (considering they were for free).

    As I said before the price tag of nearly $2,000 doesn't concern me its more that I value my time and don't want to waste it on a system that is designed on curve fitting.

    Any comments (good or bad) would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks again for the great info on this site.

    Sorry for the long post.

  2. Forget it, anyone who charges you $1000 or more for any education should first show that their stuff makes money. I don't think this guy has done that yet. I have seen his site and would not recommend his services.

    Also, I believe from what I remember that he has not gotten the best press here. Do some search here and you will see.
  3. i wouldn't recommend it either, overprice and you'll learn more about gardening than trading. I'm not kidding!!!. Do some research on Pivot point analysis and you'll figure what his system is all about. it's very very simple stuff
  4. I heard Stevie comes here under various names and spams here.
  5. You heard wrong. Nothing to sell.

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    Coiled Markets? $2,000? What a load of crap. That is the cheesiest website I have ever seen - it does not even display properly in Firefox.

    Of course, there is the obligatory praise from all of those people with no names, just initials. And the "God" talk at the bottom is a nice touch - oh, this guy is chance he will screw me.

    Come on. Someone is trying to charge you $2,000 to show you how to "win" at the stock market. Of all the sites I have looked at over the years, this screams "scam" more than any other and frankly smacks of desperation...someone trying to make some fast $$$ after failing to be a profitable trader.

    If I was a betting man, I would bet that the original poster with his 1 post is none other than the owner of the site himself. Dude, if you cannot make money trading, get a job and earn an honest living.

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    Seems a few TI students has taken coiledmarket after TI. Maybe it is like running from fire to fire since Austin has no performance to show for either:

    By the way I can not find recent TI threads in ET. Have to keep update the saga in Dave's thread. There is new TI system info in the Files section there also:

    Interesting to read how the TI students trying to modify the TI system to make profit. Good if they can make money back soon.

    One system designer from Australia shows Preferred trading systems in his web site:

    He recommends 60 Minute Trader for future trading system:

    The price is not much but I have not check the system out yet.
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