Coiled Markets and Trade Blotters

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  1. Once again Austin is a hypocrite and not a man of his word. He said he was leaving the other coiled markets thread but yet he had to return. When I gave him 4 years of statements in order to have him leave ET forever he never did ..he just keeps coming back.....When I asked him to post a link to my "bar break" sysyem which he told everyone was "crap" he couldn't do so......The bottom line is this:
    he just doesn't comply with his promises.....yet he expects others to comply with his....I've already been down this road with him...

    Now he expects me to comply and prove I know how to post a trade blotter......perhaps in September I 'll actually waste my time.....but this brings up the real subject of this thread and that is:

    What benefit does anyone get from posting blotters? I'm sure this has been asked before but I'm not looking for a link to another thread.......

    here are some possible ideas :

    1)You are looking for feedback and some ego stroking .......that's cool, we all do a bit of that in our own way

    2)You are looking to have a reference to point potential customers to and you are a vendor.

    3)You are getting help from fellow traders and the blotter is keeping you honest with your results...

    4)You have such fragile self esteem that any grasp at recognition is need validation!!

    None of these prove you actually trade. It just proves you know how to post a blotter...How toatlly ridiculous to equate the two...

    I think it would benefit the forum greatly if you posted the specific reasons for your trades and then if you want to post the actual fills then good for you. Knock yourself out if the blotter d kn

    Some may find free ideas more convincing if they see a blotter.......gheesh how lazy can folks be if they aren't willing to do their own research and you have to try and prove that the free ideas work to them......How ungrateful for people to expect that....

    Ok so what are the other obvious ones that don't fit into item 1- 4 above?
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    "What benefit does anyone get from posting blotters?"

    Just out of curiosity what "benefit" is there from someone coming to a trading web site claiming to trade but NOT posting a blotter?

    Other than the obvious:

    1) They don't really trade and this lets them (so they think) get away without proving it.

    2)They figure it's no one's business but their own. Perfectly acceptable PROVIDED they're relatively low key and not running around bragging and talking trash.
  3. Ok so you must be one who knows how to post blotters but it doesn't PROVE you actually trade....don't confuse the you are trying to cause trouble with nothing to really add to the thread...........Why don't you start a new thread instead of trying to sabotage this one? I guess you agree that the reasons fall into items 1 - 4 as I have stated...

    I was hoping you might have something to add to the items I posted but I guess I covered them all. Please rejoin the thread when you have something constructive to post. Otherwise just keep thinking that all those who post blotters actually trade....How ridiculous !! Now you want people to believe that everyone on this forum who doesn't post a blotter must not trade....

    You folks just need to start thinking a bit more logical. You'll never survive the trading Business

    NEXT !!


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  5. Just shows you how little interest there is in blotters and even one who posts blotters has nothing constructive to say...

    I guess my first post really covered it all....

    Thanks for the feedback...

    You did well in proving my point. I appreciate it.

  6. 133 views...pretty good so far and only one "minor conflict". I'm surprised the publicity whores/ vendors haven't seized the opportunity to capitalize on this thread,,,,,,Very nice and respectable of you...

    Keep up the good work.