cohen: 1450 spx by end of 2011 and september might not be so bad after all

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    If this interview took place a month ago she would have still been bullish above SPX 1300+ saying that stocks are still cheap and the bull market is going to last another 87 years! There is a financial crisis going on with tens of millions of people out work, GDP is falling off a cliff and inflation running wild, of course we have historical low interest rates and BUBBLE ben bernanke hinting at even more QE and she is thinking everything is blue skies and peaches and cream. The day she goes bearish, which will probably be never is the day I go bullish until then I am staying bearish!

    September Might Not Be So Bad for Stocks: Cohen | August 31, 2011 | 05:44 PM EDT

    September may not be as bad as it has been traditionally because August has already been so volatile, Abby Joseph Cohen told CNBC Wednesday.

    Cohen, senior investment strategist at Goldman Sachs [ GS 116.22 +1.04 (+0.90%) ] and a longtime market bull, told CNBC "geopolitical factors," including the turmoil in Europe over sovereign debt and in the U.S. over the debt ceiling, contributed to a volatile August that led economists and industry analysts to revise their growth and earnings estimates a month earlier than usual.

    "As we know, most economists did dramatically reduce their growth expectation not just for 2011 but also for 2012, and they did it in the month of August," Cohen said.

    But not all the economic news has been bad, Cohen said.

    She noted improvement in private-sector hiring, strong durable goods orders and strong corporate balance sheets. She also reiterated her forecast for the Standard & Poor's 500 reaching 1450. The S&P [ .SPX 1218.89 +5.97 (+0.49%) ] closed Wednesday around 1219.

    Another possible indicator of better days: The head of the European Central Bank has indicated the ECB is "perhaps is not as concerned as they were about inflation, which means they may be friendlier in terms of interest rate policy," Cohen said, which will allays some U.S. concerns.

    "The U.S. economy is very much linked to Europe," she said. "Outside of our close-by neighbors in North America, most U.S. exports go to continental Europe. So if continental Europe is weak, they will not be demanding the same level of exports."

    She noted that "over the last decade, the single strongest sector of the [U.S.] economy was not the consumer but it was exports, which grew on an annualized basis of 8 percent to 10 percent."
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    Bull market for last 87 years? that's too much of long shot.
    No comments on Cohen's spx 1450 predictions.

    However, time to get ready for 62% correction in the USD index. The big one is just around the corner. US politicians do not have any strategy at hand or in mind or in will power to do anything else to undo the debt load. Devaluation is the only way to go for them.

    Losers will be China, Japan and US middle class which also includes those on pensions and even the future generations. This is sick but that's the way things have been planned.

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    Between Fridays sell off and tonights sell off in the futures the DOW is already down 500 points!!!

    SEPTEMBER might not be so bad after all??? HAHAHAHAHAHA

    *S&P FUT
    1137.50 -31.80 -2.71%
    *DOW FUT
    10932.00 -276.00 -2.46%
    *NAS FUT
    2113.50 -51.25 -2.36%
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    DOW looks like it may close below 11,000 today, looks like september might not be so bad after all, right perma bull cohen hahahahaha

    SPX trading at exactly 1150 today, 300 SPX points away from here 1450 call for the end of 2011.
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    September might not be so bad after all....


    Now thats fucking funny!

    She better hope the SPX doesnt break 1100 because sub 1000 levels will come fast and then her 1450 call on the SPX at the end of 2011 will even look more pathetic!

    S&P FUT
    1124.70 -31.10 -2.69%
    10736.00 -271.00 -2.46%
    2192.00 -53.50 -2.38%
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    CNBC should give Abby Normal a call and see how she's doing. That'd make for an awesome preopen show. I (for one) wouldn't miss it.
  8. She makes Bernanke (Obama, Geithner) appear competent. What a clown.
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    Yea they should bring her back in for an interview but before that play the interview of her talking up the markets in 2007 right around the highs haha. Anytime I see her being interviewed I laugh, she has no clue what is going and hasnt in a long long time. They should put her on the show tomorrow to see if she still stands by her 1450 call!

    SPX closed at 1129 today.

    28.5% Increase in the SPX from todays close to get it to her 1450 prediction. I have no clue what catalyst is ahead to push up the markets a huge 30%+ between now and december.
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    September might not be so bad after all, what a fucking joke, wonder if she is still bullish as ever, maybe she will raise her SPX target to 1500 by the end of the year, hahah 1450, shes joking right......The SPX has to move up 300+ points in the next quarter.... whew, wonder what catalyst this market is going to need for the SPX to jump a huge 300 points into the end of 2011.

    Worst quarter since Credit crisis and just look how the markets ended the last day in September, off 2%.

    For the quarter, the Dow and the S&P plunged more than 12 percent, while the Nasdaq tanked over 14 percent.

    Stocks Log Worst Quarter Since Credit Crisis
    10913.38 -240.60 -2.16%
    2415.40 -65.36 -2.63%
    S&P 500
    1131.42 -28.98 -2.50%
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