cognitive science, or fin/econ program??

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  1. Suppose I have been admitted to a global top 50 university, I have been a spot fx MM, and a futures prop trader... i intend to continue in my vocation as a trader... i will most likely continue to be a scalper/momo trader during my tenure as a student... IF i ever leave the short term world, i want to go more into the HF universe and move to trading with more macro economic themes(sectors, trade, debt, fx, geopolitics etc.)

    the two avaliable programs which i am most interested in are cognitive science, and finance/econ.

    i feel like i have developed a good working knowledge of fin/econ vis a vis my career as a trader, but obviously not so much that i couldnt emmensely bennefit from the program, and im sure it would be very interesting... however, i am most interested intellectually by the cognitive science program,

    i would like thoughts and opinions, prefferably by people ''in the know'', out of school and working as a trader, or in the HF industry already etc. on the vocaltional validity of each, pros and cons of each with regard to each portion of my tentative vocational journey. thanks in advance.
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    i am not a trader but work for a trading firm and have worked for banks and a hedge fund. no matter what you study you should excel at it and learn how to use a computer. By use a computer, i mean basic programming (IMO) which is probably advanced programming by a corporate world's view; if your smart it won't be a problem. btw, almost everyone i have worked with has a hard science background.