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  1. Coffee lookin' mighty tasty here ... wondering if anyone trade the London contract through IB or should I still with the NYBOT contracts??


    (I'll post charts shortly, including seasonal, if someone doesn't beat me to it.)
  2. does IB do softs? i had to use another broker to trade KC.
  3. ids


    Our customers do trade London coffee and other commodities.
  4. Are you going to short it?
  5. Perhaps the shorting term for coffee should be "decaf," as in "I'm going to decaf the market." Just a thought.
  6. Definitely long ....

    Couldn't get the current chart to work somehow but anyone can pull it up any number of places ... below is the seasonal chart.

  7. It is true that coffee typical has a fall bounce. However, each year is a little different. Also, I'm not one who likes to try catching a falling knife. I prefer waiting for those higher lows to form in order to keep my risks to a minimum.

    Fall of 2003 did not see a low until late November. A higher low did not form until late December, and the upside potential turned out to be small. Fall of 2004, however, started making higher lows in early September and kept on making higher lows. The upside potential proved to be much higher.

    Fall of 2005, the knife is still falling!

  8. Good food for thought!
  9. empee


    how do you trade coffee through IB? Is there a list of softs or other commodities that ib does? Right now I'm only aware of I think feeder cattle and of course QM
  10. London contract.
    Someone here should know the symbol.
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