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  1. These softs are scary markets to be short right now, sure year end profit taking blah blah even cotton being short here is sketchy...these levels are almost like a new normal and it seems there is some relentless buying in KC...
  2. looks like ur plan worked
  3. I should really wake up earlier although I don't think I would have had the balls to add after taking 5K in heat. Right now trying to add at 35 and then maybe start scaling some stops maybe every 2.50?!?
  4. the plan...
  5. Pretty colors, dude! :)
  6. the 21 ema on the hourly is proving to be good support covered at 32.50 sell stop placed at 31.80
  7. Cover 29.50:D
  8. Placing a bet here at 239.80 that we won't crack 242. Anyone want to join me?
  9. Covered 236.90, might look to get long at 236
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