Coffee Shops & Security

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by runningman, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. If anyone access their brokerage accounts from a coffee shop or other public WIFI spot, what security measures do you take? Or is this something that should just be avoided because it can't be truly secure?
  2. nkhoi

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    change your password after each session.
  3. harmless


    yes that is exactly what I did

    change password, that is it
  4. Does anyone trade from a coffee shop? I heard one story where a guy bought coffee for everyone that walked in w/ a notebook and told them to leave so he could have max usage. He said it worked for 2 hours. Any other coffee or sandwich shop stories would be fun to read.
  5. nkhoi

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    I will bring my fake plastic notebook next time.
  6. Iowegian


    For a few bucks more per month you can get a wireless card and forget about wifi or you can wait around for wimax or you could get a pda/smart phone that you use as a modem. Don't know about the relative security of those options. I had wifi for a few weeks a ways back and it was sporadic at best. The people in Starbux or Borders tend to look at you as a reprobate.