Coffee ETF question

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by nravo, May 11, 2009.

  1. nravo


    Any issues with the JO etf that I should be concerned about? Like daily negative compounding? The obscure part of an index it tracks? The type of coffee that this part of an index tracks.

    Coffee futures have been on a bit of a run here, and the etf has not quite matched the performance, so I am a tad concerned.
  2. I'm not sure but you just reminded me to get creamer. I have been out for days.

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  3. Is Alex shooting blanks?
  4. Rowdy


    nravo---you're worried about the wrong things. Volume for JO was only 8000 for the entire day.
  5. JPope


    Its a coffee etf, what type of volume did you expect? I would be more worried about what the OP asked about...
  6. Rowdy


    What did you expect?
  7. 414maple


    Some near term weakness - however, this name remains in the confines of a longer term uptrend
  8. RAM SEN



    did u consider & rule out the 2 liq. fut ctrcts on COF

    just wondering - 'cos seems pretty clear to me that for this & other commodity mkts - the futures would be the most transac. efficint way to spec. on the px.

    in fact i only use ETF s that are pure stock baskets
    XL [F,E, I, V, ] etc
  9. nravo


    IB is my broker and the only futures are electronically traded, which limits me. If I am wrong, somebody let me know.
  10. RAM SEN