Coffee drinkers live longer

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    From the annals of everyday is a new study:

    "In general, they found that coffee drinkers had a 10-15 per cent decreased death rate when compared to abstainers. Those who drank six to seven cups of coffee a day had a 16 per cent lower risk or death, while people who quaff eight or more cups were 14 per cent less likely to die.

    All types of coffee revealed a benefit, whether decaffeinated, instant or regular (although the association was diminished in drinkers of instant coffee). And the longevity advantage applied to all coffee drinkers, including those who are genetically predisposed to metabolizing caffeine more slowly."
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  2. Hurray!
  3. I'm going to brew 12 cups of coffee right away.
  4. THey also take more dumps.... just sayin'
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    I dunno, this study was made in the UK. Correlation =/= causation. What if coffee drinkers just generally care more about their health? Then it isn't the coffee itself what causes the longevity but the nature of the drinkers...
  6. Could be but I live in Colombia and used to live in the UK. Colombians are healthier looking and younger looking at the same age.

    A score of other factors but really we just want to feel good about drinking coffee. :) Of course you would have to check against tea (real not fruit etc.) which they consume a lot of in the UK. I suspect that the British would look even worse without coffee.
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  7. Frequent discharge of waste is good for ya. Yes?
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    Hi there,
    I can't live without coffee too. And without smoking as well. It's perfect to wake up, have a cup of coffee and a cigarette.
    REcently. I started dating a man who's a health supporter, he does not smoke and even not drink, at all. I've started thinking about giving up smoking and maybe giving up drinking so much coffee ha ha:)
    I've looked through many pages on the Internet. I've found on the Vaping daily that people can try vapes to give up smoking.
    But what would be the reaction of my boyfriend to that? He still doesn't know that I'm a smoker. Is vape of any difference?
    Would be grateful for any advice.
  9. Keep the coffee, give up the smoking :) I quit smoking three years ago, I tried nicotine tablets, vaping etc. Vaping is certainly better however I found the best thing is get away from other smokers, don't go to the store where you might see cigarettes for three days and just stop.
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    just 3 days? and desire to smoke will disappear? I think I'm too weak person to give it up so easily. Think it can be difficult for me
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