Coffee and Trading....

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by ER9, May 18, 2005.

  1. ER9


    Sure this has been asked before but do you find that coffee affects your trading in a negative or posative way? i notice when i have a strong cup of coffee while trading i seem more impatient and not as level headed....seems i make more mistakes....

    curious if anyone has had a similar experience?
  2. mfhboy


    A nice cup of coffee wouldn't be strong:cool:
  3. vr82


    i work at a coffee shop and the coffee shops these days really make their coffee strong. a little caffeine is a good stimulant for a little bit of time then you come down. remember the "come down" part.
  4. Drink only Italian Expresso. Only like in Italy, very small cups.
    Not like in most of the rest of the world with their imitation Expresso's in cups & quantities hugely too large by Italian standards.

    The choice of critics.
  5. I really do think caffeine affects your patience level. Switch to cocoa:)
  6. ER9


    thanks for the link thunderdog....a shame that post was ruined by a bunch of adolescent a' poster mentioned that some caffeine possibly enhances metabolism and awareness and that too much may cause the opposite......interesting.
  7. I find that a cup of coffee can get me too jittery for a while, then I hit a low. But for some reason a latte with some shots of espresso makes me more alert without the highs and lows. Maybe the milk slows the absorption of the caffeine...