Cody Willard's personal trades

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  1. CSCO is soggy toast. One lost decade, another in the offing. Look at a chart of IBM in the seventies and eighties. From about 67 to 94 IBM went nowhere.
  2. There's just something not right about this. He seems like a blend between Lenny Dykstra and Tim Sykes.

    Was that the worst TV show of all time?
  3. Roark


    From the blog at marketwatch:

    <blockquote><i>If you’d like access to my real-time trading strategies, please visit Please click here to check out my weekly subscription Revolution Investing newsletter published by for $99 a year and get a weekly reprint of the real-time trades that subscribers to Trading With Cody get.</i></blockquote>

    Are you really such a shitty trader and investor, that you need to sell subscriptions for $99 a year? Can't you at least sign up with EliteTrader as a sponsor, rather than attempt to advertise for free here?
  4. lol, this is a black hole, all attempts at securing vic.., customers will backfire and leave a smoldering pit.
  5. Cody was screaming buy on Apple on Realmoney when everyone else was naysaying him throughout its entire run until he quit to do TV. He's like any other; some good, some bad. I never had a problem with him when he was on Realmoney. I won't buy his newsletter but he never appeared to be a snake oil guy.
  6. The same question is asked of all touts who come to ET. Please post your audited verified results so we may decide what to do with you. I still can’t remember any tout who ever has done this. Will you be the first?