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  1. I have been trying to find out more information on this guy. You can see his articles on The Street and he did appear on CNBC. I did do a search on here and checked the wikipedia, couldnt find anything. He doesnt have much of a biography. All I can find is that he graduated from U of New Mexico with a degree in Economics, worked for a venture capital firm, and then has a hedge fund.

    He seems to interest me because it doesnt appear he has a golden resume, doesnt seem to have worked at one of the big names, and it looks like I would see him on a skateboard instead of behind a trade desk.

    Usually the guys on CNBC appear in suits but this guy shows up in a leather jacket looking like the fonz. If I met him on the street, I wouldnt think he was managing any money.

    Whats the story?
  2. cramer apologist\brownnoser. took a trial to his service back when the techs crashed. it was not pretty.
  3. CW is a cool guy who does things his own way. a unique and bright light in a world of sickening sameness.

    bravo to cody!


  4. Yes, he does seem cool.

    Im surprised not to see a wikipedia entry or some other type of formal biography. He doesnt fit the mold or seem to have a golden resume that we typically see.

    So thats why I wonder how get got to where he is today. Is there any formal biography for him?
  5. i think this is the only bio publically available:

    agree, its way too brief.


  6. you must have missed this thread back in June willard&pagenumber=1
    and this
    and this thread back in may you said you did a search...on ET?
  7. Fool of randomness
  8. The worst thing about CW, besides being an annoying "gnarley stock stokin' dewd" dork, is that his nose is so far up Cramer's beehind, a proctologist couldn't find him with a heavy duty endoscope!. :p
  9. All these morons that follow Cramer around while licking his ballsack make me ill.
  10. S2007S


    i have seen him before on the kulow show, he used to be on daily but the last time i caught him on cnbc must have been a couple of months ago, he does write for the street, didnt know he owned a hedge fund.....

    will look more into it.
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