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  1. Just saw him on Kudlow's show and realized what a Cramer/Kudlow/ fanboy he is. I'm trying to figure out if the stuff coming out of his mouth is supposed to be insightful. Myself, holding a computer science degree, cannot figure out if he is supposed to be value-add for cnbc....
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    I used to read his stuff on claims to be a hedge fund manager....but all the guy used to blab about was AAPL......if AAPL went up he wouldnt shut up ....if it went down he would go into hiding.....every day...AAPL AAPL AAPL......he really never said anything insightful or of any use...

    If you want real entertainment go read his blog..I read it once....he talks about all the hot chicks he meets at parties in NYC..doesnt sound like he gets anywhere though.....
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  4. i just have this feeling that he's riding daddy's dime. he's like that guy that wears expensive suits but doesn't know how to use the suit to his advantage. his toolish aroma still permiates the alexadre custom....
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    Probably some trustfund money.....

    He would constantly post and talk about his winners AFTER they happened...but miraculously never spoke of his losing trades...he is basically useless....

    The guy I liked on that site was The Rev an active trader
  6. "If you're interested in telecom stocks...blah, blah, want Cody Willard...blah, blah, blah".

    What year is this, 1999???? What a f*cking loooooooser.
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    Please apologize to all the losers out there...they really shouldnt be grouped with Cody Willard.....
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    I think he is one of the better commentators on Of course, I only read for Altucher, Rev Schark, Cody Williard, and Cramer...people you guys probably don't like either. Specific calls of his have made me money in the past so I always pay attention to his columns and especially what he says in Columnist conversation. I have to agree though, his personal blog (not the one on is kind of embarrassing, and I had to stop reading it because it was coloring my views of his writings on, which I think have value.
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