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  1. Anybody know where this guy comes from? The only background I can get on the internet is he's an econ major from University of New Mexico, he's a telecom 'insider', writer for, and runs a hedge fund?

    Nothing against the guy but I've seen him on Kudlow a couple times and today he was recommending MSFT??? I think everyone was making fun of him. I'm just curious what his professional background is for people to invest $150 million in him, even if it is 'I made a bunch of money in '99, '00 so I started a hedge fund'
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    He started writing for at the height of the tech boom. He was supposedly an expert on telecommunication stocks and was recommending stocks like jnpr and rbak when they were trading in the hundreds.

    Nowadays he's a perma-tech bull. I don't find his comments that insightful.
  3. so this guy just wrote for cause he knew some stuff about the telecom business and was able to parlay that into a $150 million hedge fund? Smarter then he looks. Anybody know his track record?
  4. he was terrible through the crash. he rode some of the techs to single digits. now he is a tech permabull with his nose so far up cramers butt his nose has funny brown marks on it.
  5. ....needs to wash his hair.

    Smelly biznotch...


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    Besides being a perma-bull, most of he seems to be just a salesman. Ever seen his videos there on Sounds like a guy working for TV shop...
  7. Back on Kudlow again tonight. This guy is buying the dollar cause Kudlow told him to. Being a hedge fund manager is EZY!