Cody Willard sees $1000 AAPL by 2015

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by turkeyneck, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. He recommended 50 stocks. Do you have that list? Thx.
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    I thought 2012 is the end of the world :confused:
  3. do you know how many of the companies that were in the nasdaq index in 2000 are now bankrupt , delisted or trading at 10% of what they are will be the next apple like it was in early 90's competition and price compettion..who gives a crap about iphone,ipod,ipad passe already smart phones aer a commodity and wireless email even dell has it...rimm,apple,msft and all th those tech companeis are no long term investments thees companies have shelf all tech companies..the stock market preys on people's dreams,hopes,and trust.and some even use religion. or like patriotism like shorting is 'unamerican'...

    i've seen this sh$t many like 20% of the QQQQ which rediculoust bilions embezzled to the apple maket makers..and who is the market maker of apple and google.. either they are shorting so they need buyers to short too. market is too illiquid to i said this is suckers rally or DEAD CAT BOUNCE...economy sucks and futures look bleak fundamentals look bleak. and the market goes up.
    that is a definition of a 'dead cat bounce'. price jumps 10 fold and only to fall 90% again and bottom feeders hold the bag and stock gets delisted(game over) and new companies are included in the index for next round of 'dreamers'... reality sucks and nobody really buys but the market still goes up on short covering or pumping.. i see this kind b.s. in penny stock land many you think the first sellers were fools,,,people only dump cause the stock is going bankrupt. or don't want it. it the stock market stocks go to zero. which why market makers don't want to buy market sell orders from hedge funds who short stocks. market makers are like bookies in penny stocks. they give you back 50% of what everybody put in the pot.

    just treat the stock market like one poker game or 'lottery' ticket or ticket to a concert and when the party is over just leave and take your money. and when the game is over...some make money and some lose...the house wins. everybody put money into the pot.....and when the party is over..take your money before everybod else does.and don't hold the bag.

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    This reminds me of Goldman Sachs' Oil $200 Super Spike call. They issued that because they needed to unwind their position. Someone needs to unwind their position in AAPL. All their products are easily copied and retail for less money. Unless AAPL can keep the innovation wheels spinning it's likely closer to it's top than a move to $1000. I'm not a buyer up here.