Codifying SCT

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  2. Codifying SCT

    The SCT code is easy as can be,
    It’s one plus two equals the average range times three

    main voice
    Don’t talk shit about it, you ain’t that free
    If you do you will be asked, to “test your bravery”

    main voice
    SCT Trading is for You and Me
    Nah, I was kidding, it’s a Joke, you see

    main voice
    Jack and Spydie left, they got tired of giving it away for free
    The secrets to 3x the ATR and Pool Extraction while laughing uproariously

    The SCT code is easy as can be,
    It’s one plus two equals the average range times three

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  3. Here's my version of SCT Lite ... I actually screwed around with this thing and made money today.

    P.S. The volume study that you see in the bottom task pane?

    Completely irrelevant, like a residual appendage. Inspired by non other than the Master of Multiple-Aliases himself ... LOL. :p :D
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    Last time he came around he got a pretty bad virtual beating from the B(eating) Team ... I was just wondering if he was allright?

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  5. My brain runs like a hamster on a wheel and I over-think and over-analyze everything, see the 15 minute time frame slows the market down enough for me to focus.

    I never trade off of it though, I fell in love with the 2 minute time-frame a while back (jeez, wonder how that happened :D ).

    I just use it to get the lay-of-the-land:
    a) current direction traffic is moving in,
    b) whether it is breaking out at S/R or trading within a range,
    c) the code for the bottom band filters out the chop ... etc., etc., etc. - (but the volume study is still useless). :)

    Like I/You said, SCT-Lite ... everything Jack Hershey and spydertrader wanted SCT to be, but it wasn't. :cool:

    P.S. The volume study in the bottom of the pane? Useless. :p
  6. LMAO ... no.

    It's something I figured-out while working with Trader28 and SPM ... oops! That's all I'm going to say about that one. :eek:

    I'd hate for it to get out that the parts that make SCT Lite profitable are based on SPM! :D
  7. Analyzed on a bar-by-bar basis, volume is worthless. It is neither a precursor to what will come next nor does it really tell you what is happening now (only in hindsight). However, taken in context with the overall market and price action it's an extremely usefull tool.

    But Jack and spydie never used it like that ... I'm pretty sure they don't know how.

    So using volume the way SCT advocates is useless.
    Regarding the 5 minute fractal?

    I guess it could be considered optimal if you're trading off of a 20 or 30 second chart ... but only so. :)
  8. LMAO some more ... not even close. (When I said it was based on something I figured-out while trading SPM, I meant it). :cool:

    But nice try, Sherlock. :p :D

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  9. No to all of the above.

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  10. LOL

    The guy scurries off like a rat in a NYC subway station. :eek:

    P.S. BTW, I just made the association of you with a rat, Jack ... that wasn't a compliment, even though you may take it as such.
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