Codes to pull data from TWS Interactive Broker - C#

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    Does anyone know of a complete list for all the codes used to pull data from TWS Interactive Brokers when programming in C#?

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  3. codes.. i think he is referring to the parameters you ask for in arguments within methods you are sending to the api..
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    well IB does not support C# out of the box, thus both are right and useful links, the data requests as part of their API as well as the link to the C# library.

    Though I would recommend to use FIX to execute through IB, it works very well and is well tested and used by a lot of buy side firms.

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    It does. ActiveX can be used with VB, C# or C++/CLI in forms application. It is just different syntax using their library with different .Net languages but method signatures will be the same. IB has only example and list of methods/events for VB but they can be used in any of .Net utilizing the same ActiveX technology.

    If for some reason ActiveX is not suitable then other options can be explored like ibcsharp, C++ sockets or Java.
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    ActiveX is not considered .Net nor is the C++/CLI library. ActiveX is a technology that is mostly obsolete, hardly any new projects peruse ActiveX. None of the IB libraries are written directly to target .Net. That was my point, hence my saying IBCsharp as a solid solution because its a complete re-write and based purely on Sockets, very similarly than the C++ IB library.

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    I do not see myself saying that ActiveX is .Net or C++/CLI library.

    However it can be used in .Net forms applications in any of the offered languages like C++/CLI, C# or VB with minimal effort.

    In fact you can have rudimentary running test application using ActiveX in .Net within 5-15 minutes which would be considered out of the box.

    Obviously there are other important considerations and choice of technology to send strings using sockets between TWS and custom application is up to the user.
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