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    Last June Good Morning America did a story on recent college graduates who are still living at home with their parents. Some alleged expert on the issue said the reason why is that these recent graduates are the children of baby boomers and they have been coddled their whole lives.

    The expert would be wrong in her identification of this generation. My mother in 55 and she was born in the last wave of baby boomers and I graduated from college almost 15 years ago. The 20-somethings who have just graduated are closer to being the grandchildren of baby boomers rather than the children. But, this discrepancy is not what I am offended by, but rather the expert’s assertion that my generation, the children of baby boomers, has been coddled by our parents.

    My generation was the first to have a fully dysfunctional school system- which the Boomers did nothing to repair.

    My generation was the first to grow up in dysfunctional homes because it was the first whose parents routinely got divorced (that is if they even bothered to get married to begin with).

    My generation was the first to grow being raised by daycare/babysitters because career women did not see the need to raise their own children.

    My generation was the first to grow up in an environment based on the drug culture- that the baby boomers created.

    My generation was the first to be born to teenage parents who routinely lacked the economic wherewithal to raise children.

    If all of these things mean that my generation has been coddled, I hate to think what being neglected would have meant.
  2. Yeah, the 1960s generation is the most selfish generation in American history. They were given more than any generation before them and squandered everything. These are the same assholes who stayed high and never got a job before they were 35, yet bitch because kids today smoke a little pot, drink every now and then, and aren't in the corporate ratrace by the time they're 21. Look at how much government money is spent on programs for the elderly compared to that spent on programs for children and students. It is a shame. They have betrayed their own ideaology in the name of greed. Corporatization, big government, illegalization of drugs, etc. Whatever happened to "I hope I die before I get old." Now I guess it is "I hope the gov't can keep me up because I was a selfish POS who didn't save any money."