Cocoa spike

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by TraDaToR, Oct 5, 2009.

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    smoked on my auto and manual trading... Biggest losing day ever for sure...


    Tomorrow is an other day.
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    To me, you only see that kind of crap on ICE...OJ, CC, CT.

    Spikes are more "user friendly" on GLOBEX, even on small Open interest contracts.
  3. I got burned on that one too.. buy stop at 3149, filled all the way up at 3241, nasty slippage.... Looking at time and sales I see many trades going through at this level round 09.53.40, looks like many stops taken out.
    Hoping to learn something.... why 3% up before my order was filled, I can see a whole tonne of orders filled before, closer to my stop price..... I spoke to IB and their reponse was they cannot guarantee stop execution price esp in fast mkts.... any ideas on how to prevent this kind of slippage next time? I gather you can't place stop orders directly on this exchange? Stop limit, but then risk it not getting filled...
    second thoughts I think I'll be avoiding this market for a while.
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    Same here.

    Cocoa was one of my favourite instrument 2 years ago, I have to stop being affective with products...LOL
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    i call fat finger, some got busted.

    having stops in that is a no no. at least to me.
  6. looks like OJ is the new cocoa

    WTF @!@

    that was some spikeroo this am