Cocoa market anyone?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by illiquid, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. I've heard the grain markets are going to have a good year or two. May want to look into that. There was a thread awhile back on the grain markets.
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  2. lescor -that mini coffee is really not what you'd expect. All it is is sorta like a DOT machine where your coffee order supposedly goes into a hand held device held by a broker who then competes for your order via open outcry.
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  3. thing I like about futures is many don't have long term trends in one direction--ie, like a bull or bear market in stocks. For example, corn and lumber trade in a range and are nobrainers when they reach extreme highs or lows...just hold onto your positions till they come back. swing or daytrading futures has not worked well in my experience.
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  4. I'd be careful saying that grains reach highs and lows and then you can buy/sell them for easy money. The next year or two especially. This years grain markets could be the breakout years. Some of the factors of grain prices are at multi year lows, ie ending stocks. Just a warning that the game may be changing this year or next.
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